How to start a scuba dive business

 How do a carpenter and his wife spend their vacations

  in the greatest dive resorts in the world…

 …and get paid for it?


How did a mechanic from the grimy suburbs of North

 London get to the sparkling beaches and deep blue

  waters of the Cayman Islands?


 Find out as we explore the diving business.

  We’ll even help you start a business of your own.


Simon, Fiona, William and Ruth are regular people like you and me.  But, they’ve managed to escape from the trials of a mundane existence to a life filled with excitement and adventure.

They’ve left behind the gray cubicles…the stress of traffic and pollution filled commutes…and they’ve given up the 9-to-5, wage-slave mentality…they’ve found a better way.

If you have to make a living – and let’s face it, most of us do – doesn’t it make sense to do something that you love? 

Diving the world famous Blue Holes off the coast of Belize.  (With evenings spent on beaches so exotic and romantic that they are the preferred location for international fashion and calendar shoots)

Exploring the waters and beaches around Cuba for a major American hotel chain (and Cuba is just one of the locations that they are looking at).

 How about an expenses paid trip to Cozumel to review a new line of dive gear…

 …or, traveling through picturesque Brazilian fishing villages searching for a new dive location (by the way, make sure your driver has enough gas for the trip back!)

 …now imagine all this with somebody else, maybe even the taxman, paying.

 Remember the Life You Promised Yourself?

Simon is getting the most out of life.  How about you?  Are you living the life you had planned on growing up?  More likely you’re working for a corporation that doesn’t even know your name… and with downsizing you’re doing the jobs of two or three people and being pressured to get more done in less time.

Maybe you’ve been there long enough to take a two-week vacation (if the workload allows, your boss seems to frown on people taking a whole two weeks off at one time)

It’s a living, but is it a life?

You’d like to travel more…you’d planned on traveling more…but, even then your salary only stretches so far and you have so many bills to pay…

…and when you get your 401k statement, it seems that you are actually further away from retirement!

 You know there’s more to life than this…you went on a great dive vacation…you talked to the Dive Master… but, you’re afraid that you might never have the time or money to go back…

 …there has to be a way!

 Have you ever felt trapped in a life that wasn’t yours?  I did.  And, I found a way out!

 Leaving the Gray English Skies Behind

My name is David Evans.  I grew up under rainy English skies watching James Bond films.  And in every movie he’d travel to some fantastic undersea paradise.  I dreamed of someday visiting those places.  Now I invite you to join me. 

Over the years I’ve made many friends and acquaintances in the diving business.  Each has a different and unique business.  And they have all created their own version of the diving lifestyle.  I’ve spent eighteen months interviewing dozens of these people to help you identify the diving lifestyle that will be perfect for you.

Some of these businesses are part-time and others are full-time…

…some in the States, some in the Islands and some, just about as far from the ocean as you can get…

…What these people have in common is that they love what they do and they enjoy meeting the folks they do business with. 

Many years ago Confucius said, “If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.”

Sam and Vicki – Part-time, part-timers!

 Sam and Vicki had a problem…

 … maybe it’s one that you’re familiar with…

How can we start a business that allows us to dive for free in the greatest dive spots in the world… afford all that great gear (maybe even make some money)… and have more fun diving?

They didn’t want to give up their ‘real’ jobs – Sam created architectural models and Vicki had her own real estate business. They chose to create a ‘part-time, part-time’ business.

With no inventory, no office, no equipment, no opening hours (aside from when they decided to open).  They had the ultimate virtual dive business.  They could do as much, or as little, as they wanted to.

First, they’d decide which exotic location they wanted to visit…

…should it be Belize with that unique mix of gorgeous beaches, steamy jungles and world class diving???

…maybe the Cayman Islands with just pure diving – Deep walls…masses of fish…fresh wrecks 

Now Sam’s an Instructor…but, don’t worry you don’t have to be – in the course we’ll show you how to start this same business without any further training.

About six weeks before their trip they’d put a class together.  Rent a pool for the initial training sessions.  Then they’d rent a boat in the exotic location that they’d chosen for the Open Water portion.

And they made a whole lot of friends in the process…

…Sharing experiences and great adventures brings people closer and leads to fulfilling friendships and a sense of community that’s often missing from today’s busy lives.

How Often Would You Travel If Somebody Else Was Paying?

Wouldn’t an incredible vacation like that make your day-to-day life easier to bear?

How did they recruit students?  How did they make commissions selling gear with no stock?  How was all their diving tax deductible?  Order Passport to Adventure – The Business of Diving to find out how.

William loved diving from when his father and brother used scuba gear in their pool maintenance business…

William and his wife Ruth wanted to dive and wanted to travel to the exotic dive locations that they read about in magazines and saw on TV…but as a typical dual income couple in America (William is a Carpenter and Ruth a Graphic designer) how could they afford to travel to these great places?

A Business You Can Start on a Shoestring

William noticed that a Veterinarian’s clinic on the Main Street running through town wasn’t using its front display window so he arranged to rent the window and room behind it.  Prime advertising space without the prime real estate price tag! 

William took a course to be an instructor and so ScubaRave was born.

They couldn’t afford $7,000-plus for a compressor and so Ruth would stop in Nashville on her way home from work to pick up filled cylinders and drop off empties.

Since then William and Ruth have bought a house just off Main St that was zoned commercial and re-fitted the garage as a Scuba shop.  The swimming pool in the backyard allows them to train students right there.

Get Paid to Travel the World

They just got back from Hawaii…they were showing me the pictures…stunning shots of fish, Coral and other marine life

They’re planning their next adventure to Bonair…pristine reefs and diverse marine life that’s unique to one of the Caribbean’s oldest underwater parks.  And the best part is that someone else is paying.

 A Second Source of Income

 Your job pays the bills, but life is better with more fun and more money.

Maybe you’re looking for a sideline business…perhaps one that uses your love of diving to generate a second income.

A second income can be important in these times where downsizing is the norm rather than the exception and no job is safe.  You can be with a company for years and years when a new owner or simply a slow period gets you laid off and replaced with a younger, cheaper (and less experienced) person.

Ted felt the same way when he started his business literally on his kitchen table. Now he services dive gear from all over the United Kingdom.  The Internet and Overnight Delivery mean that you can start your business from anywhere.

Steve got into his business almost by accident.  He’d accumulated more gear than he could ever use.  He started selling it on EBay and in a few weeks made much more money than he thought possible.  Now he actively purchases gear and resells it on EBay.  He makes enough profit to fund his diving adventure and then some.  He says, “EBay can be a jungle, but I’ve figured out how to survive”.  He shares his ‘jungle knowledge’ in the course.

When Steve needed a camera for a trip to Bonaire he purchased it, used it on the trip and resold it on EBay when he got back.  (He said his wife would kill him if he bought an expensive camera like that, but his business makes it possible).

And those pictures from Hawaii…they were taken with a $3,000 camera…wouldn’t you like to be able to afford the latest and greatest dive gear?  William doesn’t own a $3,000 camera, but ScubaRave does…You can too.

Do you live miles from an ocean where you might start a Charter operation?

Do you live far from a city where you could start a dive shop?

Don’t despair…

It’s still possible for you to create a dive business that will be profitable and allow you travel opportunities that will make you the envy of your friends and family.

As you build your business and form relationships within the industry you’ll get access to the newest gear first…

and that new gear will be given to you free, or at a substantial discount.

Do you want to be invited by manufacturers to try the latest gear – at exotic locations?

As Bill said “The manufacturer flew us out to Cancun.  They were representing two or three lines of equipment and they wanted us to try it out.” 

 “We went to seminars in the mornings – “How to sell this piece of gear, that kind of thing”  and then in the afternoon we were diving and trying all this stuff out”.  This was when split fins came out and we were trying split fins versus paddle fins.  One of the guys had a hand-held knot meter, so you can imagine a good-natured competition started up as a dozen or so divers tried to outrun each other!”  (In case you wondered – The paddle fins beat the splits over the short run, but the splits were the winners over longer distances.)

The Secret Behind Free Trips and Free Gear

Why does a manufacturer or distributor of diving gear want to send you on a free trip…or give you free gear? 

Well, it’s quite straightforward really once you know how the industry works.

All of these companies have big marketing budgets to advertise their products and influence the diving public.

You recommend gear to your customers and the manufacturers and distributors realize that the more familiar you are with their gear, the more likely you are to suggest their products to your clients and customers.  Maybe you switch to split fins or maybe you write a review in your newsletter, or recommend it on your website.  And if you do they sell more.

Why an on-line store?

Because you can start it anywhere…  with the minimum of, or even no inventory… and with minimum investment.

What are the secrets to success in this business?  Check out a copy of Passport to Adventure – The Business of Diving and learn the ‘salt seller’s secret’ and how it will help you to make a profit.  Learn the two occasions when divers buy the most gear and how you can take advantage of that.

The insiders tips and techniques that would take years and lots of mistakes and dollars to learn.

  • Learn the three things that your business must do everyday to be successful 
  • Discover the ‘salt-sellers secret’ and avoid the trap that too many start-up businesses fall into 
  • How you can make your diving expenses tax-deductible so that the taxman picks up the tab for your adventures.
  • How to identify your ideal customers and then where to find them.
  • Why you don’t need expensive ratings, equipment or facilities to start your business.
  • How to use the internet to get free advertising and customers for life.
  • Find out when divers buy equipment and how can you profit from the knowledge.
  • Why a dive shop is the perfect part-time business and how you can take advantage of that knowledge.
  • How buying into an existing business may be perfect for you.
  • How to make commissions with no investment in stock.

The advice in this book is not theoretical.  It’s based on the practical experiences of dozens of diving professionals.  Business owners, men and women who do this for a living and make money day in, day out, season after season, doing something that they love.

If you want to become a Dive Master or an instructor that great…but instructors make $10 to $20 an hour…we want you to be making $50, $75 or $100 an hour as a business owner.  That’s the skill you need.  Because that kind of money can change your life.  You can pay off those credit cards.  Take your family to nice places.  Go on great vacations.  You might choose to instruct yourself or hire someone else to do that.  You’re in control, it’s your business.

Remember Simon, who we introduced you to earlier.  Here is how he’s spending his retirement after a lifetime as a mechanic in the grimy suburbs of North London.

If Simon Can Do It…So Can You

Simon’s day starts like this…up early in the morning, checking the weather, planning the day’s dives, loading the boat…then it’s breakfast with the guests and driving the boat (the nautical equivalent of a pick-up truck).  At the dive site he’s encouraging the weaker divers and challenging the more skilled.  Back at port it’s cleaning up the boat and dinner with the guests…

And, the money is great.  Divers typically spend $2,000 for a week at a resort.  16 divers at $2,000 each is $32,000 per week.  Now think how many businesses you pass on your way to work each day – the coffee shops, the dry cleaners, etc – how many of them don’t make that much money in a month?

And it’s seasonal work.  That’s right, when the seasons over you get to spend the time as you’d like.  Wouldn’t an active retirement that has you doing what you like to do most appeal?  Wouldn’t a retirement that depends less on your 401K be more achievable?  And doesn’t that beat your 10-days-after-two-years-maybe-vacation-lifestyle you have at work right now?

Get out of the rut you’re in and get in to the best shape of your life…forget the gym membership…diving 2 or 3 times a day combined with the boat loading and unloading will get you in to the best shape of your life and get you to a level of all-round fitness that you won’t believe.

If you set out to discover this information yourself, you would most likely spend months and months (not to mention thousands of dollars) tracking down and meeting dive professionals. 

You could set out and discover this information yourself.  You could do the research, meet these people, one at a time.  But, how many months (or years) would that take?  What opportunities might you miss out on?  How many thousands of dollars would it cost?  Don’t worry; we’ve done all that for you.  The information is right here, translated into a step-by-step action plan, customizable for you.  And, for a fraction of the price of you discovering it for yourself.

You could enroll in business school for thousands of dollars with a rigid class schedule (to cram into your already packed life).  But, even in business school they wouldn’t give you a fraction of the time-tested, practical, ‘school of hard knocks’ advice covered in this course.

We’d like to offer you a special opportunity…

We’d like to make The Divers Life – Passport to Adventure available to you for just $39.95 … that includes the book, and most importantly, the planner that transforms your dreams into action. 


For less than the cost of one days diving you get the opportunity to change your life.  A lifetime of diving…a business and second source of income…a place in the diving community.  All for one low, low price.

What makes this course different from the others?  Why do you need it?  We have a step-by-step process to ensure your success.  If you follow the system you will succeed.

A System…Not a Gamble

Many people have the desire to start a business, but are not sure how to take the first step.  What if you had a system that would guide you from start to finish?  A system that would lead you through every step.  Our system reduces the potential for risk and increases the speed at which you can be successful.

  • First, we’ll help you identify the perfect business for your individual situation.  We’ll use our knowledge and experience to guide you to a business that hits the sweet spot of combining what you’re passionate about, what you’re good at and what’s profitable.
  • Next, we’ll help you develop a four-page business plan that works and gives you a roadmap to follow so you’ll always know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
  • Then we’ll help you develop a marketing plan that will attract a stampede of customers.  Your number one goal in any business is to attract new customers that are ready, willing and able to buy.
  • And finally, we’ll help you turn these ideas into action with a schedule for success that will turn your ideas and dreams into action.

  100% No-Hassle Ironclad Guarantee

Order the product today.  Try it out.  Read the book, complete the workbook.  Prove to yourself, risk-free, that this step-by-step system can work for you.  If at any time within 60 days of your purchase you are not absolutely satisfied simply send it back and we’ll issue you a prompt refund.  No-hassle, no questions asked.  It’s that simple.

That’s right, your purchase is completely risk-free. 

We’ll take all the risk for you.  The only way you can lose is by allowing this opportunity to slip through your fingers.

Think of what you’ll be getting.  More fun and excitement from an activity you already love…a second income and a more secure financial future…and a position of respect in your diving community.

 Act Now…Our Best Price Ever

We realize that gas prices are high right now and it may be difficult to come up with the money.  So for the next few weeks we’re going to keep the price at $39.95.

Act now and don’t miss this opportunity to make your next vacation pay for itself and make your future diving tax deductible.

We hope that your dreams come true and that we’ll see you out there.

Yours Sincerely


David Evans

Editor, The Divers Life

P.S.  Remember, you can get a full refund at any time up to 60 days after ordering.  That’s a no-risk guarantee!


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